Rehearsal Schedule

There are two rehearsal sessions per year - September through December and January through May.

Rehearsals are on Wednesday afternoons in Elizabethtown, KY.


Register online or send email with name and grade level of student(s) to
Registration deadlines will be announced early in each semester.

Parent And Student Testimonies

"Leigh Ann's patience and kindness with the children she is teaching and directing is a blessing. My children have Autism and she has been masterful at helping them feel safe and accepted. They truly like her and love the music selections she chooses. My children still sing the hymns from last year. I cannot imagine the choir being anything but a great learning experience and blessing to any child and even to their parents. As a parent listening to the choir, it is a beautiful and to me a spiritual experience. God works through the children, He really does."     Becca Galloway, Parent

"Classical Christian Choir of Central Kentucky is a unique opportunity for our girls. Nowhere else do they have a chance to sing great classical music, while learning a variety of musical skills. My husband and I love to hear them singing the songs at home while they go about their day."     Peggy Adams, Parent

"I am so grateful for the gift God has given Mrs. Pierce in music and for her leadership with my kids this year. It was a fantastic opportunity and opened up a new world for them. When I told them they were going to do "choir" this year, they balked and said they could not sing. They now love it and the friends they made through the program. I often hear them singing choir songs around the houseā€¦.sometimes sister and brother singing together. My son announced to my surprise and delight tonight that he hoped he could be in an acapella choir someday . This would have been shocking to me a year ago. Only the Lord knows the full impact of the investment made through choir, but I can testify that it has been great in the life of this family."     Christy Runey, Parent

"I have participated in choir for the last few years and I absolutely love being a part of this group. I love the way Mrs. Pierce directs and the way the whole choir comes together to lift up the name of the Lord. It is such a blessing to be able to sing with this choir!!"     Megan Heibert, Student

"The Classical Christian Choir of Kentucky is in a class by itself. The combination of carefully chosen music with both strong lyrics and outstanding musical quality, the standard of excellence in every aspect of the learning and performance, and the high caliber of instruction all directed to the glory of God make this an incredible opportunity for young people. My children have all loved it - even my teen-age son. Learning to sing in worship to God is a precious skill often neglected in today's culture. I encourage you to not take this amazing opportunity for this vital training for granted. I thank God for the few years my kids were able to participate".     Erica Searl, Parent

"There is no doubt about it, I love choir! The music is all excellent and Mrs. Pierce is a wonderful teacher. I count down the days to choir day!"     Katelyn Novak, student

"Choir has been a wonderful experience. It has helped me to develop my voice and I love the music. Being a part of the Classical Christian Choir has been very rewarding."     Allison Novak, Student

I have always enjoyed singing in church choirs in the past, but none of them could touch The Classical Christian Choir in its excellence and its informative nature. Choir has improved my vocal and musical abilities all the while building my repertoire with awesome new songs!     Connor Moore, Student