Leading students in worship and musicianship through high quality choral literature;
balancing education, performance, and service; glorifying God in our lives and in our music skills.

Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God. Psalm 147:1

To lead students in worship

The first goal of Classical Christian Choir is to worship God - as we rehearse, as we meditate on Christ-centered, Scripture-focused texts, as we learn that He desires our worship and praise through everything we do.  Since Scripture is filled with over 1000 references to music and praise, we can be assured that God is pleased with the time we spend learning and producing Christ-honoring music. The Christian's spiritual walk is greatly enhanced and enriched by embracing and enjoying skillful singing.  That is the goal for each choir member - that God would use music to draw them closer to Him.


Progressive development of music skills will include vocal training, sight-reading, scales, chords and harmony, reading musical notation, and interpreting vocal scores.  Different types of music will be chosen to develop specific music skills.  Considerable time will also be spent on vocal exercises and specific instruction to develop and strengthen the voice.  Many of the components of private vocal study are incorporated into each rehearsal.  

High quality choral literature

The music studied in choir will focus on classical, folk, and traditional sacred styles.  Music will be chosen from the body of high-quality choral literature that has long-lasting, artistic value.  This will range from established present-day choral composers, to classics from various style periods throughout music history, to theologically rich hymns of the faith.   The texts of the pieces studied and performed are also of great importance.  Texts in other languages will be occasionally taught as well. 

Education, performance, and service

One of the reasons for students to become musically educated is for them to develop the skills to present music effectively to others - music that moves, affects, and edifies.  Choir members will be taught to focus on how God wants to use them to share the gift of music with others.  As students become skillful, they can more capably perform.  Strong and excellent performances will bring glory to God, and will serve and edify the body of Christ.  We will also plan occasional performances at area nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Glorifying God in our lives and in our music skills

Choir members will be challenged to notice the opportunities for worship that God gives them in every part of their lives, that a life lived in devotion to God is our spiritual service of worship.  (Romans 12:1)  Perfect concert performances will be worthless without devoted hearts and worshipful lives.